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The best OLED display Mobile power PCBA solution in?2017

time:2017/5/17 17:26:03

As everyone knows,Phones get faster every year, but the more powerful they become the less their batteries can keep everything going. And, of course, all batteries will degrade over time. If you need extra battery power for your Smartphone, tablet or other USB-powered device, you need a power bank.

You might assume all power banks are much the same thing, but you would be wrong. You can get compact power banks that will charge your phone once, slightly larger portable chargers that might offer two or three charges, or high-capacity banks that can charge your phone in excess of 10 times!


The industry standard for energy efficiency is between 60- and 70 percent, and if it doesn't expressly state otherwise on the packaging this is likely what you'll get. But some of the best power banks can offer as high as 90 percent energy efficiency, which equates to more full charges for your phone.

Power banks can also vary greatly on their inputs and outputs. We're seeing an increasing number of power banks with support for the latest Quick Charge 4.0 and USB-C standards, and in some cases these are supported on the input as well as the output, making them as fast to refill as they are to charge your phone.

Typically you will need to carry a Micro-USB cable to charge your power bank, and potentially another cable for charging your phone if it doesn't use the Micro-USB connection to charge. Some power banks come with carry cables to ease this requirement; others might feature built-in cables and Micro-USB- to Lightning adaptors so all you need throw in your bag is the power bank itself.

Nearly all power banks use a series of  LEDs to show you how much power remains in the device. This is fine for smaller-capacity devices, but when each LED represents two- to three full charges for your phone it can be difficult to see exactly where you are.

No matter what the mobile power supply, can not be separated from good sulution, we are based on customer needs to customize the most suitable mobile power solutions, above 2017, one of our  delepower  best mobile power supply.